By authorizing us to transport your goods, you accept our terms and conditions set out on our website, the Consignment Note and/or the contract for carriage irrespective of whether you have signed the front of our consignment note or not.

“Consignee” means the person to whom the Consignment is addressed.

“Contract” means the contract of carriage or contract for other services between the Customer and the Company into which these Conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated.

“Customer” means the person, firm or company that enters into a contract of carriage or a contract for other services with the Company.


Our contract is for carriage of your goods on a “door to door basis” and the charges set out in our quote are based on dimensions, weight and distance provided by you. 

We reserve the right to amend the price if we find out that the information provided by you upon booking is incorrect. 


The Company’s charges for carriage shall be payable by the Customer, however, the Company shall also have the right to demand and obtain payment from the sender (if different from the Customer) or the Consignee, or from any other person who may be liable to pay the charges

Payment of the Company’s charges is due no later than the date specified on the Company’s invoice/statement.

Charges shall be payable when due without reduction or deferment on account of any claim, counterclaim or set-off. The carrier shall be entitled to interest at 8% above the Bank of England Base Rate prevailing at the date of the carrier’s invoice or account, calculated on a daily basis on all amounts overdue to the carrier.

If You refuse to accept a delivery within 10 days of collection additional charges may apply as a storage fee. 


We reserve the right to decline any services agreed/required, which are in our sole opinion dangerous and/or not safe and/or not ready to be executed. 

We do not accept shipments of any dangerous or prohibited goods. 


We prepare the schedules 24 hours in advance and we will notify the relevant party of the collection/delivery date and time. Without confirmation, we are unable to send a vehicle to the requested destination. Any specific day/time quoted by us for your collection/delivery could not be guaranteed, unless agreed upon before booking.

You agree to pay us any costs we incur in forwarding, disposing of, or returning the shipment and our charges for making more collection/delivery attempts and for the agreed appropriate next action

Hassle-Freeree Logistics Service reserves the right in the event of unforeseen circumstances (Heavy traffic and delay on schedule, technical issues, access to premises granted, etc.) to postpone the collection/delivery. Hassle-Free Logistics Service will notify both parties and will set the very first slot available in order to complete the service in a  timely manner. 

We will not be liable for any compensation for late delivery, if it is in results of something beyond our control

Hassle-Free Logistics Service will use all reasonable efforts to deliver within the time specified for delivery but unless otherwise agreed these are estimates only and time is not of the essence

If you are not present at the time of delivery but there is a safe place that you may have highlighted, or if you have selected a neighbour to accept the goods in your absence, you agree, that the contract is completed and the item is delivered in the same condition as it has been collected


Our liability is strictly limited to direct loss or damage only to the shipment. 

Basic Insurance ( up to 100 GBP) is included with every service booked with us. 

If you wish full insurance ( up to the limits of the value of the item you transporting with us ) you are obligated to pay 5% of the RRP which you need to declare in advance 

We strongly recommend your item be bubble wrapped during transportation. We can offer a bubble wrap packing service at extra cost

 if you prefer to pack items on your own, the items need to be inspected by one of our representatives before wrapping and a photo will be taken. Items packed prior to collection and not available for inspection are excluded from our insurance policy due to the likelihood the item could be damaged prior to packing unless you take a photo prior to packing and present this photo to the driver on the day of collection 

If the consignee takes delivery of the goods without duly checking their condition with the carrier or without sending him reservations giving a general indication of the loss or damage, not later than the time of delivery in the case of apparent loss or damage the fact of his taking delivery shall be “prima facie evidence” that he has received the goods in the condition described in the consignment note.

The carrier shall not in any circumstances be liable for loss or damage arising after transit is deemed to have ended

in case of damage found after the courier left the delivery destination, you can only make a claim in accordance with Concealed Damage Claim Rules and Regulations


All claims must be submitted in writing to Hassle-Free Logistics Service within 24 hours of delivery.

We are not obliged to act on any claims until our charges have been paid nor are you entitled to deduct the amount of your claim from our charges.